Unless you’re living in the Midwest and jacket is a norm from November through March everyone has encountered a zipper in their life. Just imagine everything that is made to conveniently store together your goods, keep you warm and a variety of other things!

  • Jacket Zippers
  • Duffle Bag Zippers
  • Sleeping Bag Zippers
  • Pant Zippers
  • Luggage Zippers
  • Leather Zippers
  • Shoe/ Heel Zippers
  • Water Proof Zippers etc.

With thousands of garments and accessories we utilize almost daily there are different types of zippers! From the material it’s made of to the length each one serves a variety of purposes. We’ll help demystify the different ones. Remember you can always change them too when you’re getting a replacement.

Closed End Zippers: One of the most common zippers in the world. These go in your pants. So if you need a Jean/ Trouser Zipper Replaced, make sure you choose what you like.

Open End Zippers: Also known as a separating zipper, this is mostly count in jackets, snow bibs or anything you must attach the two sides and open up. When it comes to this type of zipper replacement think about the size we’ll discuss in another blog.

Two-way Zippers: Ever owned a long parka or a winter a jacket that goes past the knees? Well a two – way zipper will do just fine. The main purpose of a two-way zipper is to allow users to open the bottom to the waist line to sit comfortably.

Reversible Zipper Replacements: Some jackets can be worn inside and out! So the zipper must be able to accommodate either side. The slider being the primary reason it allows the zipper to zip either way.

Duffle Bag Zippers: From one sided zipper sides, to zippers that come in on both sides to back pack zippers that invert outwards.

Zippers can break easily if not taken care of. With a majority of zippers breaking due to the usage of the zipper. Ever find yourself tugging on the zipper to get the jacket to close? Well each zipper tooth is fragile and could easily come loose.

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