Garment Alterations

Garment Alterations

Getting Your Curtains and Home Drapery Custom Made and/or Shortened

Curtains and drapes are a great way to complement your room, but some […]

Comprehensive High School Prom Dance Dates

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You’re Thinking It, Let’s Discuss Your Wedding Dress Undergarments!

It would be an absolute nightmare to walk down the aisle and your […]

Best Wedding Dress Tailors: What Is Possible For Vintage Wedding Dresses

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Adding A Corset Back To Your Dress: Your Local Dress Tailor Expert

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Professional Wedding Dress Pressing & Steaming Near me

It’s your one day. You’ve done a lot already. You’ve spent long hours […]

Clothing Alterations Near Me: Your Spring Wardrobe Tailor

To my surprise a friend once stated – you can replace zippered in […]

Bridesmaid Dress Tailor & Alterations in Blaine, MN (Part 1): Congratulations! Now what?

It was a wonderful experience to have helped the Anoka County 4-H Y.E.S. […]